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Let’s get this party started!! Launching the new Site and Blog!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Hello, my name is Mark Aiosa. I’m the owner of A. T. Emblem Company, LLC and the author of this Blog.

You can read more about the company’s history on the About Us page.

A little over 2 years ago I had the good sense to take advantage of an intriguing opportunity and established a relationship with a company that provides very high quality, custom-made items such as pins, badges and other specialty items. More to the point they made challenge coins. Really nice, beautifully detailed ones.

I will get into challenge coins and their origin stories in future posts, but for this I’m assuming you know what they are.

A.T. Emblem delivered its first challenge coin in the summer of 2016 to a local police department to recognize the participants in their annual youth academy, a community outreach program. Since that time, we have produced over 50 different coins and at any given time we have several designs in the process of being made…

Oh, and along the way, I became a challenge coin aficionado in a big way… my collection grows constantly.

So, challenge coins and everything about them will be the focus this space.

Some posts may touch on what’s current in coins and trends in the industry and another on what's hot in the collector’s arena. I plan to share ideas on designs and usage and any other topic you tell me is important to you. My ultimate goal is to create a place where folks will come to discuss ideas, tell stories and be comfortable asking basic questions about creating these personalized, custom-made items and how others use this type of product to help reach their fundraising or recognition goals. I also will endeavor to explain as many of the confusing terms and odd practices inherent in making a custom designed piece as possible.

But for this to work you need to participate as well.

So, I encourage all to ask questions and to make comments on the information contained in these entries. I will be as candid as possible with my answers, I only ask that you not use this space to ask about specific items you are interested in making or are already working with me on. Please use the quote request form or send me an email for those types of item specific inquires.

So that’s all for this inaugural post. Please continue to check out the our newly updated website. Especially the challenge coin page and the gallery containing some of our more recent creations.

Of course, I think the new site looks incredible!

(Big shout out to Ryan Shannon and Step5 Creative for giving me what I needed and stopping me from using what I didn’t. If you need website help, look them up)

..But I want to know what you think.

Look around and let me know what you like and what you don’t, what you want to see more of and how I can make it the site easier to use. Be sure to check out the challenge coin gallery for ideas or to see specific treatments.

I encourage all to feel free to drop me a personal email with any questions you may have. Send it to: I will answer.

Next post: What is a challenge coin and why are they suddenly everywhere?

Till next time,


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