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We work with you every step of the way. From design to delivery!

We make custom designed challenge coins.  These metal and enamel tokens are in high demand by the uniformed professional  community. Originally created by the military, challenge coins are rapidly making a place for themselves in our society. ​

We will work with you from design to delivery.  Whether you already have a design you want to make or you’re just starting to explore what you and your organization can do, we have the experience and know-how to get you started and we will be around to guide you through every step of the process

Every challenge coin is unique, and its price is based on the combination of options and techniques employed in its creation.  To provide a general idea what these coins cost I am including a gallery that will contain a cross section of existing coins with a description including the specifications, some of the add-ons and upgrades for that coin and the "100 @ around" price for an order purchased today. Larger quantities are additionally discounted.


This will help illustrate the differences between the types of treatments and additional options available and the effect on the price. My goal is to provide a method by which you can roughly estimate the price of the items you want create and this should get you in the ballpark…

How to use Challenge Coins:

·       Show appreciation

·       Create a sense of team

·       Fundraise

·       Raise awareness

·       Recognize achievement

·       Commemorate events

·       Memorialize a person or action

·       Publicize your group, product or event

·       And more…


·       Law enforcement

·       Fire and Rescue

·       EMS

·       Sports groups and associations

·       Fraternal groups

·       Museum gift shops

·       Professional services group

·       Individuals and families

Contact us now to get started on your custom design today!.   


It’s a proven fact that employee morale increases when employees they feel valued, acknowledges and important as a part of the team. Recognition from management or even other team members can help motivate your employees to do their best. Gifts or awards are effective and widely used for recognition in businesses and organizations. Something your employee can display at their desk or at home shows their achievement and will make them feel proud of their accomplishments within your company.


A great to recognize your employees or coworkers is with corporate challenge coins. A challenge coin is a medallion with a custom logo or design; they are very popular among the military and public service industries such as police and firefighters. Even if your employees move on to other opportunities, the memory the corporate challenge coin holds will be something they will look fondly on and will strengthen your company image when they speak of them. Corporate challenge coins will become a lifetime memorandum for your employees to hold on to.


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