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Established in 1966, the A.T. Emblem Company has provided badges, patches, insignia and more recently challenge coins to hundreds of police, fire, EMT's, paramedics, government and military organizations across northern America for over 50 years!

The secret of this longevity is simple: an unwavering commitment to deliver to the client the highest quality products from the finest manufacturers while providing outstanding personalized and professional service.  Founder Mike Asher sums it up nicely.


Mike says:"We will work with you all the way. From design to delivery."


Since its creation over half a century ago A.T. Emblem Company has built it's reputation on providing an extensive product line to serve the needs of law enforcement, fire, emergency services, private security, national and international military, government agencies, honor guard units, drill teams, drum corps, marching bands, fraternal organizations, and more.

police emblems and more

I joined A. T. Emblem in 2015 and liked it so much I bought the company in late 2016. Over the past three years I have taken the steps required to bring our services and competitive pricing model into the present marketplace and started working toward the vision of becoming a premier provider of custom-made, client-designed products of recognition.

Our latest venture in this direction has been to invest in designing and creating our challenge coin business. This has been a rousing success as the challenge coin phenomenon has exploded across the globe! We have already added many new clients to our existing base in the first responder community and have begun to explore working with corporate and educational entities with some very exciting results.

Please browse the sight and be sure to visit the challenge coin page for more information on this exciting product! And read the blog!

Mark Aiosa, Owner

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